Why choose PLFM?

First and oldest school in Antigua, U.S. Office, proceeds support Mayan culture and languages and culture....

Spanish School

Study Spanish in beautiful La Antigua Guatemala, at 5,000 feet and ringed by three volcanoes, in a lovely school setting...

Field Trip

Enhance your Spanish study with a wide range of cultural activities and trips....

Who are we?

Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín (PLFM)

The PLFM was founded in 1969. It opened with two purposes, which are still its focus today:

To teach the Spanish language
To teach, investigate and preserve Mayan languages and cultures 

The oldest Spanish language school in Antigua, PLFM is also unique because it is a non-profit, foundation which teaches Mayan languages as well as Spanish, and is operated by native Mayan professionals.  The foundation projects include the production of grammars and dictionaries  in various Mayan languages, among the many which are spoken in Guatemala.  Also we sponsor teacher training in the Mayan languages and have been instrumental in initiating bilingual programs throughout Guatemala.    It is impossible to preserve a culture without preserving and fostering its languages, and this is our vision and mission.  It is vitally important work.

PLFM is affiliated with the Consejo Nacional de Educación Maya (CNEM), a national organization promoting Mayan education. It is authorized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education and its Spanish school is licensed by INGUAT, the Guatemalan Tourism Institute.